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Finally a pet feeder that can grow with your pet.

Base Support Size Chart
Ex. Small - 1.5" (Frt) x 3.5" (Back)
Small - 2.5" (Frt) x 4.0" (Back)
Medium - 4.0" (Frt) x 5.5" (Back)
Large - 6.5" (Frt) x 8.5" (Back)
Ex. Large - 9.5" (Frt) x 11.0" (Back)
Top Measurements
1 & 2 Qt. Double Bowls - 20" W x 10" D
1 Qt. Triple Bowls - 22 1/4"W x 10" D
2 Qt. Triple Bowls - 30"W x 10" D



Beginning at just $28.95
Stained Diner Order here
Team Color Painted Order here
5 Height Sizes to choose from
Handcrafted using stained solid woods
Stainless Steel 1 Qt. or 2 Qt. Bowls
Popular Stains or Collegiate, Pro Sport Team painted schemes
Made in the USA
Custom Orders accepted; wood species, and/or sizes

** If ordering for a new kitten or puppy, consider purchasing an additional base size(s) height, to allow for your pet's growth.

(example - Ex. Small to Medium or Small to Large)

Man's best friend isn't always a dog!
Man's best friend isn't always a dog!

It's all in the "ANGLE" !

Double Diner - Stained




" A Truly Ergonomic Pet Diner."

Patent's Pending


By adding an angle to the traditional elevated diner, it makes all the difference in the world to your pet's eating experience.

If you purchase this diner for your kitten or puppy, you can also order additional support bases that are larger so the diner's height can grow with your pet. Support bases are interchangable because of the unique sliding dovetail design.

Ergo Pet Diner with Linus eating at.

Slideshow of Stained and School Color Painted Diners. Decals sold separately.

School Colored Diners, are painted using approved Glidden paints. Ergo Pet Diners are not currently licensed by the NCAA. We are hopefull that they will approve us soon.

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Patent Pending

Can't see the QuickTime movie? click here to download viewer

Video on how the Ergo Pet Diner came about.


Double Diner - Painted

Triple Diner - Painted

Triple Diner - Stained


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